the first truly sustainable autostaking rebase protocol

what is luxryious?

luxryious is a premier nft brand on the avalanche blockchain that is constructing a blue chip avax project that will passively generate income for all hodlers.

the 1,000 modern villas is the gen 0 collection from luxryious released in 2022. (see roadmap)

what are you waiting for?

your new dream home awaits.


short term: q1
• socials launch
• website launch
• begin weekly avax airdrops (all year long!)
• collection verified on kalao
• collection verified on tofunft
• build team
• $lux tokenomics release
• 1,000 modern villa nfts public sale
*(mint sales distribution: 85% to treasury, 15% to team)
• deploy multi-sig treasury (Gnosis Safe) and invest into top avax projects
• presale for $lux autostaking protocol
• airdrop villa nft hodlers $lux
• deploy $lux dapp
• list $lux on coingecko/coinmarketcap
• launch marketing campaign

long term: q3
• modern mansions nft public sale
• partnerships with avax protocols

• implement boosted nft rewards
• metaverse integration
• irl benefits (tbd)


wen nft mint ?tbd
whitelist ?100 wl spots. announcements will be made on how to obtain
what is the mint price ?0.25 $avax for the first 250
0.35 $avax for the next 350
0.5 $avax for the next 500
0.69 $avax for the next 69 villas
the remaining 31 will be reserved for giveaways.
how many villas will i be able to mint ?10 per wallet
where can i trade my villas ?kalao, tofunft, nftrade
what are the royalties ?5% - four percent will be dedicated to the treasury and the other 1% to team
where will mint sales go ?85% will go to the treasury, 15% to team
when will $lux release ?tbd
what is $lux ?$lux is the token of the luxryious financial autostaking rebase protocol that offers sustainable, realistic passive income
what will the presale price be for $lux ?tbd
why the avalanche blockchain ?avax is blazingly fast, extremely low cost, secure, and eco-friendly.


coming soon.

welcome home

this is real estate, reimagined.

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